Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy?

Cognitive behaviour therapy is a treatment that helps people learn to determine, understand, identify, and change behavior that is destructive and negatively impacts emotions or behaviours. This is a therapeutic support that focuses on changing the thoughts that automatically pop into your head that are often negative. Those negative thoughts have a poor impact on emotional challenges, such as anxiety and depression, that the person may be feeling.

Cognitive behaviour therapy helps a person change those thoughts into more positive and realistic thoughts. Therapeutic support helps the person identify the patterns of thoughts and uses various strategies to help individual's overcome those thoughts. These strategies case by case can differ depending on the individual's needs and can include role-playing, journaling, relaxation.

This therapy can also include mindfulness to help regulate emotions. It also uses multi-modal therapy which believes the issues can be treated when addressing seven different modalities. The belief is that these modalities are all interconnected. Those modalities are affect, behaviour, imagery, sensation, cognition, interpersonal, and biological concerns. This can be used as a short term type of treatment that is based on helping a specific problem. This therapy can help the person focus on the present. Research has identified that it can help with addiction, anxiety, anger problems, depression, panic attacks, and phobias. It can also help with eating disorders and personality disorders. This therapy is focused on achieving realistic and measurable goals.