Conflict Resolution Coaching

What is Conflict Resolution Coaching?

Conflict resolution coaching is when a coach or therapist helps someone learn strategies and skills to manage and productively engage in and resolve conflict. Relationship coaching works on the relationships between people and engaging in better communication and interaction. In conflict resolution coaching, the coach works with the individual in a one on one capacity. In this type of coaching session, you are able to talk about any and all conflicts and be able to understand it. You learn how to determine options for managing the conflict and work through approaches to resolving it.

Conflict and relationship coaching can be done with both parties in the conflict or relationship, or it can be done with just one, depending on the intended outcome. If the goal is to help you become better at managing all situations that involve conflict, you might benefit from one on one coaching. If you are in the middle of a specific situation with another person and it seems like it cannot be resolved, you both may benefit from the coaching. This type of coaching is useful in many ways and situations. It can be helpful at work, family arguments, divorce, and even business conflicts. Conflict happens often and both parties must be in a place where they are willing to compromise to work through the dispute. In some cases, having an unbiased third party listen and help work through the situation objectively is the best way to handle the conflict. Even though the coach is there, you are the one figuring out how to resolve the conflict. The coach is only there to guide you and help teach you the tools you need to see the conflict more clearly and enable you to make better decisions.