What's one peace of advice you needed to hear when you were younger?

Sitting here as an adult i sit back and think what's one piece of #advice I needed to hear, that I longed to know that I never did as a child?

What's one piece of #advice you needed to hear, you longed to know that you never did as a child? .

You are not defined by #illness, unfair #circumstances or the harsh words and actions of others. Never forget what sets your soul on fire. It will get hard and you’ll want to give up, never doubt that you are #worthy and deserving of #love and #kindness (from yourself and others), no matter what. ❤ . Today I hope you remember those words for the incredible self you are right now and the amazing self you are becoming.💗 . If you feel you need help, you can do with talking to a #counsellor who will not judge you, but listen, be present with your situation and state of being and guide you through your journey of self discovery reach out and visit aazadecounselling.com for more information.

Aazade xo

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